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Commercial Industry Solar Power

Commercial Solar power

Most business’s, unlike homes, consume their electricity during the day which is in line with solar power generation. The city of Cape Town, Drakenstien and Stellenbosch municipalities have great policies for allowing solar power to be connected to the grid.

At M Solar Power we provide an energy assessment of your building energy use and calculate the maximum amount of solar power that can be installed in order to meet your energy needs. Allowing you and your business to run more cost-effectively, be more competitive and turn sunshine into savings.

We look forward to you, and your business, being empowered by the sun!

Solar Power

Tax Incentives

There is an incredible tax depreciation available for business which means that the yield on solar investments has greatly improved. With this factor taken into account, we can now have a solar system paid off, by the energy savings, in as little as three and a half years!



It’s not a number of hours, it’s a number of months that we can run if the grid is down.

Cape Town has 300 days of sunshine a year, so as long as it’s sunny on those days 300 days we can all be empowered by the sun!

Turn Sunshine

Into Savings

The earth receives enough energy from the sun in 15 minutes to power the world for a year. All the planes, cars, ships, houses, electrics and every single item. We live in a huge energy surplus all we have to do is put out our hands, or our solar panels, and catch it.

Our Latest Commercial Solar Projects

Commercial Solar Power

commercial-solar-power energy-storage

Glass on Glass Solar Panels

commercial-solar-power energy-storage

ID Spice Bifacial Solar Power

commercial-solar-power energy-storage

83kW Bi-Facial Solar Panels Lanco Mouldings

commercial-solar-power energy-storage

70kW Double Sided Solar Panels Boston Breweries

commercial-solar-power energy-storage

PERC Mono Solar Imagemakers

commercial-solar-power energy-storage sunshine-savings

Silvermine Village 36kW Glass on Glass Solar System

commercial-solar-power energy-storage

60kW Solar Power Pinelands

commercial-solar-power energy-storage home-page

20kW Paarl


40kW Solar Power System Val de Vie


12kW Grid Tie Solar Power System


20kW Solar Power Imagemakers


10kW Solar Power System Tokai


Solar Power Winery (20kW)


10kW Solar Power Cape Town


Would you like to power your business with solar power?

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From M Solar Power and the solar industry.

Our Feasibility Study

Our initial feasibility study will present the facts clearly and concisely, so you will have the information you need, and because we are Cape Towns leading full-service solar power company in on grid energy systems we will include a battery analysis.

What We Need

Copy of your electricity account

The Cost to your business during load shedding.

End to End Process

We will then provide you with a proposal and cost-benefit analysis to then move through our implementation process.