FOX Box – 6kW All in One Hybrid Inverter with 10.4kWh Battery Storage (Copy)

R92,977.50 incl. VAT

The Fox AIO Hybrid Inverter is a real innovation and tipping point in solar power energy storage systems.

An AIO system means that everything you need is integrated in the box. This includes the inverter, battery management system (BMS), li-Ion batteries, battery cabinet, circuit breakers, solar fuses, battery fuses and internet monitoring.

This makes it more efficient, affordable, quicker and easy to install, requiring less space and easier to manage. Just add solar panels.



  • 6kW Single Phase Hybrid Inverter – 30% More Power than most inverters
  • Up to 9kW of solar panels – produce an average of up 42kW/hours per day (location dependant)
  • Battery Capacity – 10.4kW hi-voltage li-ion (LFP) – 15% more efficient than 48V systems
  • Works as a UPS (Charged from the grid) or just add solar panels
  • Maximum continuous backup power 6kW or 26Amps
  • Phase Aligned inverter – means no inverter load limit during grid active periods and can export excess solar power to the grid
  • 2 Independent solar Trackers or MPPT’s allow for flexible installation of panels on two different roofs with different orientations
  • Quick simple installation – low space requirements – floor mounted and only 62cm wide x 34cm deep and 166cm tall
  • Built-in LAN PORT and a Wi-Fi Module included for internet monitoring via smartphone with over-the-air updates.
  • IP65 Rated for outdoor installation
  • All the components engineered and integrated by one manufacturer
  • 5 Year Inverter Warranty
  • South African Grid Certified (NRS97-0-2-1)

Additional information

Weight 60 kg
Dimensions 62 × 34 × 166 cm


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