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Big Bay Cape Town Solar Power

Project Description

Congratulations Andrew on the completion fo your 5.2kW Solar Power system. The system will produce an average of 25kW hours per day, just over 9 Megawatt hours per year. This will provide approximately 75% of his annual energy needs. Excess solar energy is stored in a lithium Ion storage system with the excess solar power being ‘sold’ to the City of Cape Town. Providing power security for him and his family during Eskom load shedding. Team M Solar Power wishes you many happy years of un-interrupted power.

Which Key components make up this Solar Power System?

  • 20 x JA Solar 265W Solar Power Panels
  • Solax X Hyrbid Inverter
  • 15kWh Lithium Ion (li-Ion) Solar Storage Batteries
  • Aluminium Solar Power Mounting Rails