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PERC Mono Split Cell Solar Killarney Garden

Project Description

M Solar Power is proud to have completed a 50 kW Commercial Bifacial Solar (PV) panel system at Killarney Junction in Cape Town. The system is designed to meet 85% of the building’s daytime energy needs and will be cost neutral in less than two years.

The system will produce an average of 90,000 kW hours per year, reducing the client’s annual carbon emissions by a staggering 94 tons. Great to see another client being empowered by the sun!

Solar Power Systems Components 

  • 400W JA Solar PERC Mono Split Cell Bifacial Panels
  • Sungrow 11okW Inverter
  • Wattmon Export Limiter
  • Integrated remote web monitoring and smartphone app

PERC Solar Panels or solar panels with “Passivated Emitter and Rear Contact” solar cells,  are different than conventional solar cells that have an extra layer within the rear side of the cell which allows high-frequency light rays to reflect back into the solar which enables the solar cells to produce 6 to 12 percent more energy than conventional solar panels.

By installing higher efficient PERC cells we needed to install fewer panels to the same amount of electricity when compared to conventional poly or monocrystalline solar panels.

Sungrow 110kW Inverter