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Live Virtually

Off The Grid

24 Hours a day of solar power a day is now a reality. For us it’s been fantastic, we have been living virtually of the grid at our home and office since March 2016. The feeling of satisfaction and being empowered by the sun is mind brilliant.



It’s not a number of hours, it’s a number of months that we can run if the grid is down.

Cape Town has 300 days of sunshine a year, so as long as it’s sunny on those days 300 days we can all be empowered by the sun!

Turn Sunshine

Into Savings

The earth receives enough energy from the sun in 15 minutes to power the world for a year. All the planes, cars, ships, houses, electrics and every single item. We live in a huge energy surplus all we have to do is put out our hands, or our solar panels, and catch it.



M Solar Power is located in Cape Town and is an all-in-one full-service solar energy provider. Our in-house team takes care of every part of your project. From custom system design, sourcing, warehousing, engineering, installation and ongoing PV system maintenance and remote monitoring.

We empower Cape Town’s homes and businesses to run off the power of the sun. Our solar panel or  PV power systems to enable people to live virtually off the grid, have fantastic power security and turn sunshine into savings.


10kW Solar Power Stellenbosch


60kW Double Glass Solar Power Paarden Eiland

commercial-solar-power energy-storage

88kW Solar Power Somerset Mall

commercial-solar-power energy-storage

60kW Solar Power Val de Vie

energy-storage residential-solar-power

Solar Panels Franschhoek

energy-storage residential-solar-power

Glass Glass Bifacial Solar Youngman Roofing

commercial-solar-power energy-storage

150kW Bifacial Solar Power Timberlea Farm

commercial-solar-power energy-storage

Glass on Glass Solar Panels

commercial-solar-power energy-storage

13kW PERC Mono Bi-facial solar panels Val de Vie

energy-storage home-page residential-solar-power

ID Spice Bifacial Solar Power

commercial-solar-power energy-storage

83kW Bi-Facial Solar Panels Lanco Mouldings

commercial-solar-power energy-storage

Solar Lithium Ion Energy Storage Langebaan

energy-storage residential-solar-power

8kW Solar Panels Cape Town

energy-storage home-page

70kW Double Sided Solar Panels Boston Breweries

commercial-solar-power energy-storage

Bifacial Solar Panels

energy-storage residential-solar-power

Our clients produce an average of 8.7 Megawatt hours of power every day!


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